The last train home

This is the last post chronicling my train journey around the USA in the summer of 2013.  To join the journey at the beginning click here and use the Next >> button at the top of the pages to travel along.IMG_0587 cropped sunset b&w poster

I left New Orleans early in the morning, catching a street car from where I was staying to the train station.  As you would expect, Monday morning rush hour in New Orleans presents the challenge of where to sit on streetcar and what to do with all your luggage.

New Orleans rush hour
New Orleans rush hour

So much so that some of the passengers were hanging on to the street car from the outside.

IMG_2124 grass hopper

I joined the Sunset Limited train at its starting location at 9 am and left New Orleans crossing the Huey P Long bridge, westwards towards Houston.

IMG_2136 Huey P Long bridge

We travelled through the Louisiana swamps, which had great flat expanses of water in which the clouds were beautifully reflected.

As we crossed into Texas, the sight of the first oil refinery made me feel a little more at home,

IMG_2158 refinery

The approaching skyline of the City of Bayous reaffirmed the sadness of a journey coming to an end and joy of sleeping in my own bed again.


Thank you for travelling around the US with me on my Amtrak USA Rail Pass, I hope you will join me on my travels in the future.



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