The other island

Gozo is often referred to as the ‘other’ island in the state of Malta (alongside the island of Malta), although there are others too.  Not least Comino, which you pass while on the ferry from Malta to Gozo.


Having said that, Gozo is populated whereas Comino is not, so probably does warrant more attention.  It is less urbanised than Malta, and many of the pictures of fields I shared before were taking on Gozo.

There is much to see in Gozo, and as before on this trip, I didn’t have enough time to see it all.  I decided on the Ggantija Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Having found the right bus to get there, I was pleased to be able to double up my sights by disembarking right by Ta Ghejzu prehistoric cave.

There is no reason not to trust that this is what is behind the banister and in the hole, however I wonder how many other holes in the ground would be able to garner visitors by placing a banister with a sign around them.

I’m glad to say that both the sign and the sights at Ggantija is a lot more impressive.

Once again, it is difficult to capture the essence of the site of the temples with a standard tourist camera, so I took photos of the aerial pictures as well as of the actual remains.


One of the most fascinating parts for me was how the stones either side of what seems like a doorway had been hollowed out level with each other so that cross beams could be placed between them.  I am always amazed by how precise masons could be with their limited tools.

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