Air Battle of Malta

While in the car museum, I learned of the aircraft museum which commemorates the Air Battle of Malta in 1942.  Due to its position in the Mediterranean, Malta was under siege and heavily fought over during the second World War.  This memorial hangar is part of the bigger museum, IMG_8115

which has converted an old RAF building into a pretty cafe.IMG_8114

On display inside the two hangars, are a wide range of aircraft.  Invariably a DC3, a ‘plane I see at many museums (and which I have now also jumped out of!) but also some more interesting unusual aircraft.  The Meteor and Seahawks were at time deployed on Malta, as was the Cessna L19- Bird Dog and the Augusta Bell helicopter.

Tucked under the wing of a DC3, was a rather experimental aircraft, without much information displayed.  I suspect it didn’t see air battles!

During their stationing on Malta, the RAF needed to train and had brought over this trainer to do so.  Not a sophisticated as modern simulators, but clearly the start of their design!

Another item on display which I found really interesting was the front fuselage section of a BAC English Electric Lightning F2A.  The section on display shows the location of the cockpit and the jet engine, directly below!  Hats off to the pioneers of modern aviation!


A few other curious images of the early days of human flight, including an ejection seat and a flight suit.

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  1. I am surprised at the extent of the Museum. However I am further amazed at the failure to provide any reference to Faith, Hope, and Charity – the 3 Gloster Gladiator biplane fighters which defended the island against the Italian bombers during the hard times (1942?) when British reinforcements couldn’t get to Malta. Or perhaps they have their own memorial somewhere else.


    1. Now that you mention it, there was mention of them on one of the large display boards, however I didn’t take a picture of the story so forgot to write about them!

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