Through the archway

Having passed through the archway in last week’s post, I walked up this little lane.

I really like the way the pavements are paved with irregular, squarish stones, which I subsequently found in quite a few other places in the Algarve.  On the left hand side a pattern has been added in what I suspect is basalt.


There are lovely cast iron balconies along the lane and from the top there is a great view of the Arco de Vila.

At the top of the lane, you come out into this wide open town square surrounded by orange trees.  Unfortunately either the town or the locals had picked all the oranges within reach.

There is a church on the square which I didn’t go into, although I do like both the lights on the outside of the church and the oddly sideways placed memorial stone.

On my way back down to the marina, I noticed a large nest on the top of the Arco de Vila!

2017-01-27 11.28.40

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