New Orleans World War II museum

I’m still not travelling again, so here is something from a previous trip.  In 2010 I visited New Orleans with a friend and got my first dose of muffaletta and beignets which I re-visited in 2013.  During my visit in 2010 we went to the National World War II museum located in New Orleans.  At first I was not particularly keen on a museum about the second world war.  I grew up in Germany and felt like I had learnt about that period in European history ad nauseam.  And that is exactly where this museum set me straight, it was a world war, not just a European war.  I learned a lot about the battlegrounds in Pacific and the impact that the war had on life in the United States.

amphibious vehicle

The reason for choosing New Orleans as the home for this museum is because the amphibious vehicles used during the war were built in New Orleans shipyards.  One of the most memorable exhibits were oral histories of people who had worked in those shipyards.  In the 1940s there was still strict racial segregation in the US and many young white men were serving as soldiers overseas, leaving young black men in the US.  One black welder recounts that he was very proud of having been part of the team that was constructing the amphibious vehicles, although he was convinced that if the soldiers knew it has been riveted together by black men, they would be afraid to step on board in case it fell apart.

Like many museums, flash photography is not permitted, so the only pictures that turned out well were those I took in the main entrance hall which has a big glass front and is home to the larger items on display.

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