About me and this blog

My father described Britain as having two parallel cultures – those who stay in Britain and make it a welcoming and exciting place to live and those who leave to explore and discover what else is out there in the vast ‘abroad’.  My family is one of the latter type.  As far back as my great-great-grandfather Henry Irwin, we travelled to far flung places.  While they lived in India in the 1990’s my parents researched his work as the Chief Architect of Madras and have a website about Henry Irwin’s life in India.

This blog is where I share my discoveries, big and small on my explorations around the world.  It started as e-mails I sent to friends and family during 2004 when I lived in India (see the family trait?) and has grown into this blog.  There are weekly updates on Wednesdays with occasional additional ones if there is more to tell.  There is also a tumblr. blog (traveltash.tumblr.com) on which I reblog pictures daily with links to posts here at WordPress.  Follow me there if you don’t already.

Most recently I spent a year in Houston, Texas studying fashion design.  I am now back in the UK running three women’s clothing brands, bakuba – women’s business wear made to order, tash tops – one-sized backless halterness summerwear and Lingard Gardiner – elaborate gowns


Where I’ve been as at  June 2013

 Where I’ve been as at June 2014


  1. I am honored that you have decided to follow my blog. What fun to have spent 6 months in incredible India. Where you studying? Where? I went with my professor husband and 11 architecture students to Cept in Ahmedabad. Life changing trip! Namaste. . . . .Anne

    1. I’m studying in Houston, TX – quite a distance from India. I’m not sure if you saw my intro page to my Indian tales (https://traveltalesbytash.wordpress.com/travel/india-2004/) on it I have linked to my parents’ website about Henry Irwin’s life. He was the state architect for Madras and my great-grandfather and that may be of interest to your husband and/or his architecture students. Namaste

  2. Caught your blog through the Mason Bentley blogger’s party! Enjoyed your site! Passionate about travel and photography! My son is headed to Thailand in August to live. His girl friend has started a blog about the planning, trip, etc. I’m trying to talk him into starting one too.

  3. Hi again Tash! Some pretty interesting stuff you’ve got here! I’ll try out the travelling tool, although my map may not be as red as yours but I think it’s fun. I could not take my eyes off the unwoven light installation, really beautiful art. I’ll keep looking out for your tales!

      1. Haha… don’t about being very ‘inspiring’, but as I start to sit back and look at my life, snippets of memories often make me chuckle; I just jot down a 3-5 word note on my blog list, and one by one I’m writing them up.

        It’s a bit like trying to tell porkies (lies) when you’re a kid, you always get caught out, so you might as well stick to the truth. Always writing blog posts based on actual events just works….

      2. and yes, a few tales of my travels, many more to come as/when I get time to do them justice…

        Just check out my TRAVEL ADVENTURES category.


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