Update on where I’ve been

In this, the first year of the blog I’m working on what will be regular features and am introducing this as a 6 monthly update on my explorations of this planet.  I first shared this tool with you at the beginning of June 2013.  I had planned a 6 monthly update but never posted it!  Therefore an annual update this June 2014.

There is no update to the countries I have visited.  I had thought about visiting Mexico or the Caribbean from Texas, but the paperwork with the student visa felt too complicated.

visited 24 states (10.6%)
Create your own visited map of The World or another interesting project

I did explore the US a bit in the year I lived there.  Last year my map looked like this:


visited 5 states (10%)
Create your own visited map of The United States or another interesting project

Now my map of the US looks like this:

visited 20 states (40%)
Create your own visited map of The United States or Free android travel guide

My plans for the next 12 month include a bit of the North East of the US and then to earn money to fund more trips…

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