Roman baths

Not the ones in Bath, England, but the Caracalla baths in Rome. Both obviously built by Romans with the objective to bathe, so some similarity, although that’s where it ends. The Caracalla baths are built of the typical narrow bricks which I also saw at the Coliseum, and like that regular tourist haunt, this less visited site is very tall.

The baths are very extensive and included gymnasium areas with vaulted ceilings across which big beams appear to have been built.

There are multiple bathing rooms, which have different mosaic floors. They may have been for different purposes or people, unfortunately I can’t remember what they were.

What I did make a note of was that the markings on one of the stones at the side of a pool was used as playing board for a game using counters.

The restoration work undertaken at Caracalla is thoughtful. Where ground mosaic remains, it has been preserved, leaving wavy edges where it has been worn away by time and seasons.

Where the restorers have found decorated stones they have tried to place them where they belong, however often they have only been placed in the room which they came from.

One of the advantages of its lower tourist draw is that it can be used as a film set. I am pretty sure that in the second series of Killing Eve, Eve and her killer find themselves in these baths…

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