Water square

When seeing images of the Trevi fountain in Rome, it always appears big and spacious with a sense that there is a lot of space around it. There is not! It takes up pretty much the whole square in which it lives. This picture I actually took to capture the people having a rest and drink of water on the side of the fountain give an indication of how close the side of the square is to the fountain.

The other side is no different in terms of spacing (although that is home to an amazing gelato shop! If you have one ice-cream in Rome, make it this one!). And behind any photographer taking this kind of picture

There is little to no space at all. And not just because of the hoards of people trying to get close to the water.

I don’t know how many of them were doing what I was, admiring and taking pictures of some of the detail of the horses being ridden through the water. They don’t look particularly keen on where they are meant to go!

Other close-ups show detailed plants carved in behind where some of the water falls down the fountain.

which are not very apparent when seeing the whole fountain at scale.

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