Having arrived on the West Coast of Australia a friend who lives in Perth showed me around one of the local tourist spots – Freeo (Freemantle to those who don’t have the Australian urge to abbreviate everything).

It defends itself and Perth from potential attackers from its roundhouse, apparently the oldest building in Western Australia. As you can see from the flag descriptions it is now more likely to be welcoming visitors than trying deter them from entering the mouth of the Swan river.

Entering the old town from the round-house allows you to appreciate the rather randomly painted bits of yellow along the main street:

The architecture around the whole of the old town is quite nice, even those bits not creating an optical impression.

The pavements are also prettily adorned, although probably more recently than the art deco building.

There are a few excellently placed bronzes around the town, the town, and it took some time to find them unaccompanied by fellow visitors.

No post on a seaside town would be complete without pictures of the beach and seagulls. The park was of particular interest to me, being a re-purposed railway yard which made interesting use of the tracks.

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