Broken Hill

Our first stop on passing through the Blue Mountains was Broken Hill. We arrived early in the morning and I chose the excursion which took us up to a sculpture park in the desert.

It came about in 1993, when a sculptor proposed a sculpture symposium to the local mayor. On 1 April 53 stones were delivered and by the end of May the group of sculptors from all over the world had completed their work.

Each artist chose to interpret their stone their own way. Some are recognisable by lay people without much description

Others may be recognised by those who have an understanding of the artist. This particular one includes an image of the rainbow serpent a common character in native Australian lore and was carved by a local ranger, Badger, widely regarded as one of the best bushmen in the area.

In the rising sun, the colours of the stones kept changing and I highly recommend a visit. I would have preferred it without the crowd I arrived with, but at least I got to enjoy it, albeit sharing with others.

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