The wine…

Of course I couldn’t spend time in New South Wales without venturing into wine country. I’m no wine critic, so you can relax, I won’t talk about fruity flavours or the beauty of tasting walnut in a red wine! The vineyards are arranged as one would expect in Europe.

What was less known to me is how recently the grapes grown in Australia were being turned into straight forward wine rather than then being fortified into Sherry-style heavier drinks.

The Hunter Valley is also home to the Hunter Valley Distillery, which flavours their base spirit with a range of flavours, most of which add colour too.

At the wine tastings we got slightly more to taste than at the distillery, and after about 5 or 6 wines at each of the three vineyards we visited, I was very glad nobody was thinking of driving!

One of the more interesting wines I got to try was this sparkling Shiraz. I’d had one before and was curious as to how it was done. It was a little disappointing to know it is a straightforward carbonation, like a SodaStream.

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  1. Visited Barossa Valley outside Adelaide anf the wineyards there in 1999, remember that I as a Norwegian complained that this was a misuse of the word valley…..

    1. I went to the Barossa Valley too. In German they have two words, Tal – a valley like the Barossa type and Schlucht – a valley like the Norwegian type!

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