Maits Rest

When our guide had been talking about this stop along the Great Ocean Road I thought it was named after some mates who had rested there. As is so often the case in Australia, this is named after Mr Maits.

Part of the Great Otway National Park, this is a lovely little corner of rainforest which can be explored. Due to our time constraints of being on the one-day tour, we didn’t get time to visit the waterfalls – something to do next time!

The pictures, as so often, don’t really capture the experience. The cacophony of noise from animals was amazing, and yet when I tried to see any of them, it was really difficult. Camouflage from humans works!

The trees are very tall and in a couple of places it is possible to walk underneath the root systems.

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  1. Do they still talk about how dangerous the Great Ocean Road is to drive? When we were there i 1999 the road was much better than some of the main roads in Norway….. (E6)

    1. I didn’t hear any of that and the road seemed to be in a pretty good condition. I just wanted someone else to drive so I could enjoy the view!

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