Adelaide Art

I also wandered around the central shopping area of Adelaide and very much enjoyed all the public art. One reader commented last week that he spent much of his childhood along the Torrens and fell in. I am sure that many more children growing up in Adelaide now will have fond memories of playing on the pigs.

I waited quite some time for there not to be child sitting on the back of the pig standing on all fours.

Another really fun work of art along the same street is called The Slide, and it makes me smile just looking at the fun being had sliding down this slide.

The Royal Arcade is a rather older piece of art, perhaps not considered art at all, yet beautifully decorated both in and out.

Many people tried photographing the balls in a similar way to the Cloud Gate bean in Chicago, I was more amused by the traffic cone which made it onto the top and wonder whether it is regularly replaced like that on Wellington’s Statue in Glasgow!

I did then decide to take a close up mirrored picture of myself in front of this one.

Back at the Adelaide Oval there are statues to famous local sportsmen. Despite all the land available in Australia, they are rather efficient in their national sports by having two different sports which are both played on ovals and can make use of the same stadiums.

And last but not least, a bit of natural art I spotted when I heard it above me in a tree, a bird which I’m only used to seeing in a cage during my life in Europe.

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