River Cruise

Finally, after 4 days on the train I arrived in Adelaide. I was welcomed at the station by a friend I had been to school with who I hadn’t seen since she moved to Australia quite some time ago. As is so often the case, neither of us had really changed, we recognised each other and had a great time catching up on each others’ lives.

The following day I went to explore the city of Adelaide, starting with a cruise along the river Torrens. Close to where the cruise boat docks is a bridge over the river to get to the Adelaide Oval which branches off with a water feature. The day I was there, it was intermittent and a maintenance person was trying to fix it. It did make for surprised passers by underneath when the water suddenly stopped (or started!)

Both the river and city are relaxed and home to nice public art, both on an off the river.

The river is also used for sport, plenty of rowing boat houses grace its banks and as we approached one section we saw this sign:

and waited until the race in progress completed. We were then allowed to pass and the next race started once we had travelled along the river. We got to the far end of the wide slow river and saw why it is wide and slow up this point – it has been dammed to slow it down.

The guide kept pointing out ducklings out to us, a seasonal feature of the river. More interesting to me were the indigenous Australian birds, not least the black swan which has given its name to an economics concept!

There were also a couple of nice cast iron bridges, one of which is called the Albert Bridge.

Along with the wilder banks of the river, there are other strictly landscaped ones and it is possible to walk along the whole route the river cruise travelled.

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