Getting to Goteborg

On my departure from Oslo, the weather turned drearier.  Luckily, at this speed the trip wasn’t too long.


A lot of the #viewfromatrain was quite predictable.  Farmland and farmhouses painted the typical Swedish red with white contrast


A rather unusually circular building caught my attention, and for all I know it isn’t that unusual, it may be just that I’m not well versed in Swedish construction styles!


This however is definitely unusual to see along a train track.  I’ve seen something similar along a motorway in the UK advertising a VW Beetle garage, where the vehicle on the pole was a VW beetle.  However I was unable to detect a caravan sales centre around this display and train travellers are unlikely to want to buy a caravan!


I did more exploring in Gothenburg the next day as I arrived in the dead of night!  A bit of a taster of what the station has to offer…



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