The train journey from Bergen to Oslo is famously the most beautiful train journey in Europe.  From Bergen to Voss it is mostly in tunnels, by joining the train in Voss, I could get up later and not miss out on scenery. Waiting for my train, I watched another depart (in the opposite direction) and be amused by the large troll sculpture on the platform (of which I found lots of pictures while researching the statue in the square!)

On leaving Voss, the journey started around the same sea level as Voss, meaning it was similarly snow-free, with little rivulets of snow melt tumbling down the mountains.

As we started climbing, the levels of snow rose too.

This gentleman, who joined the train at Voss, left it at Haugastol and presumably skied to his ultimate destination!


We continued climbing and seeing deeper snow, although not as deep as it could be judging by the ’empty’ snow fences up the side of the mountain.

But for some people it was still to early to go to their summer retreats (or leave their winter hermitage!)


When we stopped at Ustaoset, the depth of the snow drift next to the train was easily the height of two people.


We continued along snow covered lakes (I think!) and still climbing from 990m above sea level.

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