Classic Cars

I had no idea there was a car museum on Malta when I decided to travel there.  I fact I only found out about it accidentally when I saw a leaflet for it at the airport while waiting for my hotel transfer.  I expected it to be rather small, but fun.

And yes, it is fun, but not small at all.  In fact so extensive, I’ll bore you with pictures and stories of old cars for a couple of weeks now.  Here is an introduction, some of the first few vehicles in the exhibition showing the progress of German car manufacture and the staying power of Italian scooter design.

Once you know where to go, you can’t miss the museum.


As an example of the care and attention given to the museum, here is their office.IMG_7960

Once through the entrance barrier, there are many well preserved and maintained old vehicles.  Starting with the Lambretta, which has retained its style to this day.

Closely followed some NSU cars, a style seen less frequently since the advent of wind tunnels in car body design.

And then a car I hadn’t been aware of before, as it wasn’t in the Audi museum when I had visited that in Ingolstadt (before the time of this blog I’m afraid).  In part, because it isn’t quite an Audi yet!

The four rings in the branding of Auto Union were then carried through as it developed into the Audi brand we know today, although sadly the tail fins aren’t to be seen on anything in their range anymore.

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