On the way to St Julien

Before travelling to Malta I was trying to decide which city to stay in.  From the map, I was struggling to see where Valetta, Sliema and St Julien started or ended.  The peninsula part of each was clear, but I wasn’t sure about the bays.  When I got to Malta, it was clear why I hadn’t been able to work this out – the cities completely abut each other nowadays.

I presume they will have started on their respective peninsulas and over time grown along to coast until the only way you can tell whether you are in Sliema or St Julien is if you happen to see the ‘welcome to St Julien’ sign along the road.

On my walk around Sliema, I did NOT see such a sign, so I’m not sure whether this particular small bay is in Sliema or St Julien.


Either way, it has a lovely little part down towards the  water, adorned with a giant cat and I saw plenty of cats roaming around in it too.

This monumental cat is sitting on the top of the building which public loos, and on reviewing the pictures I took of it, its scale is really not that clear.  You will have to believe me when I say it is about one and a half stories tall.

This bay doesn’t have a sandy beach, although plenty of locals were enjoying the water’s edge.

I duly joined them and not only dipped my feet in the Mediterranean but also took endless pictures of water on rocks…

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