The objective of this series is to document my visits to EU countries while the UK remains part of the EU.  So of course when I stumble across an EU institution on my travels, I need to visit it!  On the bus journey from the airport to the station, I saw this sign in Kirchberg:

2017-08-13 14.46.28

I was rather surprised by this.  I always thought the European Parliament traveled between Brussels and Strasbourg, I didn’t realise they stopped off in Luxembourg on the way!

A little research once back home has taught me that the Konrad Adenauer building in Luxembourg is home to the Secretariat of the European Parliament.  The around 4,000 people employed at the secretariat are responsible for the day to day management and business of the European Parliament – from maintenance to preparing a range of reports.

2017-08-13 14.49.32

Just to the left of the main entrance are flagpoles flying the flags of the countries in the European Union.  It wasn’t that windy, so in my pictures, there are a bit droopy…

2017-08-13 14.49.03

While walking around that part of the city, I encountered another set of buildings which also displayed the same array of flags (on consulting http://collectivenoun.co.uk/ I learned that should be a bunting of flags…)

2017-08-13 14.44.31

The buildings in the foreground of this picture are rather irregularly covered in yellow cladding.

2017-08-13 14.44.35

Further up the road was this artists impression of what these buildings will eventually look like (they were under construction when I visited) when they are completed and extend the European Court of Justice.

2017-08-13 14.47.19

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