St Olav

The spire of St Olav’s church is very dominant on the Tallinn skyline, although I didn’t take any pictures of it.  In total it is 123.7m tall, more than half of which is a copper clad roof.  It is possible to walk up to the base of this roof, to a height of 60m.

The stairs starts as a circular staircase.

It levels out at one point and seats have bee fixed to the wall to allow people to rest on the way up or down.

The seats are followed up straight stairs

2017-07-24 12.10.40

Then another circular stairway, which rotates the other way unwinding any dizziness arising from going ’round in circles.

Others on the top were looking for the roofs of the hotels they were staying in.  Having just spent a day in Tallinn I didn’t have a roof to look out for.

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One comment

  1. Well, in Finland we have also:

    St. Olaf’s medieval church in Lemu ,

    but it is a medieval Church. 🙂

    Have a good day!

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