I’ll tell you more about Reading Prison next week, this week I want to bring a current exhibit to your attention – the V&A’s Reveal Festival.  It is celebrating the opening of new exhibition spaces both inside and outside in space that used to be occupied by the heating system for the museum.

The courtyard is screened from Exhibition Road by aluminium gates with holes drilled at varying angles to provide light and a sense of what’s behind.

It is paved with porcelain tiles, which despite the new Director’s connection to Stoke on Trent were made in Italy.

When leaving via the courtyard, it’s difficult to determine what is part of the V&A and what is the museum across the road.


On the left hand side of the picture above you see the back screen of the Oculus – a skylight into the Boiler Room which can be turned into a piece of art.  At the moment, ‘Shade’ is on display there, which interprets wind motion in the courtyard into shadows which flow across it.  You can see a couple of the grey triangle on the white section in the top right hand corner of the picture below which had just travelled across the other bits from the left.


Inside the building, is the new Sainsbury’s Gallery, underneath the courtyard.  The Oculus provides daylight into the Boiler room in one corner, and for the duration of ‘Shade’ is the principle source of light in the gallery.

The Reveal Festival is on until 4 July and now that this work has completed, I look forward to many great exhibits there indoors and out.

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