The calm Atlantic

We usually think of the south coast of Europe being on the Mediterranean, however I think the formal start of that sea isn’t until inside the Straits of Gibraltar.  That means that the south cost of Portugal is technically along the Atlantic ocean.  Having spent many childhood holidays along France’s Atlantic coast, I was surprised to see the that on its way into the Straits it is actually very calm.

The rocks appear to be quite soft, I’ve tried to find out what the geology is around there, but can only find really technical descriptions I don’t understand.  The reason I think of it as being soft, is the extent to which the water has shaped it.  From above, we could see this vertical hole in the rock and then couldn’t resist taking a picture of it once we stood inside it.

Close up, the rocks contain all sorts of sediment, like these shells.

2017-04-19 17.54.50

Close to the water, they covered in a very bright green algae, which reminds me of this year’s Pantone colour of the year – #greenery!

We were in Alvor early in the year and I can imagine that during school holidays, lots of children will be playing around all the archways and cubby holes in the rocks at the beach, while their parents soak up the sun!

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