Exploring Yokohama’s gardens

After breakfast I went over to the congress centre and collected my bag and programme and then walked from there through the Queens Towers and came out at the Dockyard Garden – a dry dock with a waterfall at one end.

Wikipedia commons

A little further on I was beside the Nippon Maru sailing ship and the shopping centre where we had had supper on Sunday.

Nippon Maru
Yokohama Visitors Guide

Then I saw the red sightseeing bus at the stop so I hopped on. About the next stop was outside our hotel but I stayed on until having done a big loop round we came back to the Red Brick warehouses and walked back to the hotel from there. I deposited the heavy programme and then I set out again on foot and walked to the N park partly along a raised walkway which must have been part of the track of the goods-train line which had been built along there in the 1960s.

I walked to the far end on the park past the sunken rose garden and the ‘Guardian of Water’ statue and fountain to where there was a fountain and stature with a tortoise head.

Water guardian from Tokyo Travel Guide


This post is an extract of my mother’s travel journal written during a tour of Japan in 2014.


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