In January this year I attended the annual Plenary meeting of the International Parachuting Commission which was held in Faro this year.  Much work was done during the 5 days I was there, with rules for skydiving competitions being reviewed and re-written and bids for European Championships, World Cups and World Championships presented and voted on.  I had one Friday morning to wander out from the hotel we were in and explore the town a little.

I’ll give you a better tour another time, when I’m not interrupting my parent’s visit to Japan, I wanted to share the mosaic I found on the ground on this street.


Entering the street from a side alley, I encountered a line of numbers mosaiced into the street which seemed random in both directions:

Walking along them I then found this


and I started wondering whether this was pi.  And my presumption was correct – this is the start of the ‘random’ series of numbers

I haven’t been able to find the definitive story on why it’s there, the taxi driver taking me back to the airport didn’t know either.  Enjoy this on what Americans call ‘pi-day’ because they insist on putting the month first, so write the date at 3-14.


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