Past Mt Fuji again

The last day of ‘holiday’ –we have reserved seats on the Shinkansen to Yokohama train so must leave the hotel punctually, first we get the JR loop train to Osaka station and from there another JR train to Shin-Osaka. That all went well and we were on the platform with over 30 minutes to wait. While waiting we noticed that there were two different kinds of track for the Shinkansen train here, one with just concrete and the other with sleepers and gravel as we are used to.


Then when we boarded the train we found that the way we worked out where to sit had been wrong and there we were on the wrong side of the train! The first and only time we reserved seats and they were a mistake.


Anyway after Nagoya we were able to move to two seats on the other side of the train and then started a watch for Fuji. It took a long time before it came but eventually we did see a little but as the highest mountain deserves it was clothed in cloud – all other mountains were clear to see the whole way! Still I took lots of photos with the burst on. Viewing them afterwards I seemed to have managed to catch all the poles and masts possible and really one can only see a little of the slope, but the side of the mountain looks clearer on the picture than when I was trying to catch it!


Unfortunately it is really only a little of the lower slope on the right side of the picture with plenty of industry beyond the fields in the foreground.



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