The oldest of the set

A slightly longer drive north of Woodhenge, still in Wiltshire lies Avebury.  It is a small village which prides itself on having the oldest neolithic stone circle.

avebury aerial
picture by English Heritage

As the aerial picture shows, the village has snuck into the circle of stones, making the circular nature not immediately apparent when you visit.  I suspect this is why it is a less popular attraction to Stonehenge.  The upside is that you can get close to the stones and touch them if you want to.

From a distance you can see that the stones are ‘arranged’, just not the circle they make up.

My visit to Avebury was with a friend who suggested we meet for lunch.  I asked where and soon learned there is only one pub in Avebury.  Over the years it has been extended and now encompasses what was the village well – neatly converted to a table.

You can park either at the National Trust car park (which non NT members pay for) or at the pub (if you are a patron) and then stroll around the stones to your heart’s content.

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