As I mentioned in February I have been working full time recently to earn some money to fund future adventures.  After spending nearly 2 years of travelling and exploring, I saw the commuting journey with different eyes – that of a traveller, curious and observant about their surroundings, rather than the commuter I used to be trying to get from home to work as quickly as possible ignoring everyone and everything around me.

Over the coming weeks I will take you on my commute to work, starting at Pangbourne in Berkshire, along the Great Western Railway to Paddington, walking to Lancaster Gate Underground station, taking the Central Line to Bank and up Lombard Street in the City of London.  The accompanying pictures were taken at different times of year and day on my commute and from work.

There are two major infrastructure developments underway along my route




Over the course of my 6 month work contract I am watching the developments and changes from these infrastructure projects along my journey and look forward to them both being completed in years to come.  Building a Greater West is transferring the powering of trains from London to Bristol to electric power the current diesel engines; Crossrail will provide a direct train route from Reading to Canary Wharf.

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