Planting Poppies

Earlier in the year I visited the Tower of London and wrote about the field of poppies being planted in the moat.  I subsequently volunteered to plant and this week went to the Tower and together with my shift of volunteers planted an afternoon shift’s worth of poppies – 7,000.  I don’t know how many volunteers there are at each shift as  we got split into groups of about 25 people who were all allocated a particular section.

Our group was planting in the southern section by traitor’s gate.  We had some 1m long steel rods and some 75cm ones, the longer ones to be used one one side of a white sprayed line, the shorter the other side, closer to the gravel path in the middle of the moat.  After planting, a group of us who had been planting together explored the moat together with a close up view of the vast field of ceramic poppies.



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