Copper Queen

Travelling south from Tombstone, I passed through Bisbee.  It is an old mining town which now feels more like an artists colony judging by the shops on the colourful main street.

It is also home to a museum on mining, which I didn’t go into despite admiring the display on their forecourt.

As I was leaving the city, there was a sign at the side of the road with the instruction ‘Do not stop on highway’.  This kind of felt unnecessary to state on a road which has one lane travelling south and another travelling north with a narrow hard verge.  Then I turned the corner and saw this:

Bisbee copper mine

And the sign made sense!  Fortunately there is layby a little further on signposted as a Scenic Outlook which is where I pulled over and took the picture of the now defunct Copper Queen mine above.  It is fenced off, kindly the tourist authority has provided these gaps in the chain link fence for taking pictures.

Bisbee fence

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      1. There are a lot of places on the wrong side of the fence that are in the USA. People who live along the border hate it. Homes right on the river have become worth a lot less.

    1. I have a bit of a phobia about dropping things from heights. My adrenalin was running very high while holding my camera through the hole to the take the main pic!

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