Texan music legends

Texas is more than oil and prairie.  In Corpus Christi, one of the other aspects of Texas, its vibrant music scene is memorialised in the South Texas Walk of Fame.  I only took pictures of the names I recognised and later found out that Terri Hendrix does not appear to be related to Jimi after all so I haven’t included the picture here.

A particular favourite from Corpus Christi was Selena, memorialised on the shorefront in a life sized bronze.


Austin also has a life-sized memorial to a great musician, although Stevie Ray Vaughan was originally from Dallas.

Stevie Ray Vaughan at Lady Bird Lake, Austin TX
Stevie Ray Vaughan at Lady Bird Lake, Austin TX


Although memorialised in Austin, Vaughan was from Dallas and moved to Austin because of its music scene, not unlike Janis Joplin.  She is also a famous Texan born musician who grew up in Port Arthur.  Unfortunately on this visit to Texas I did not find the time to visit the memorial to her in her home town.

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