Exploring San Antonio

San Antonio is about three hours drive from Houston to the south-west.  I had passed through it before on my train journey around the US, however hadn’t explored the city beyond the station before.  The city has a nice centre which can be explored on foot which I did after visiting the Alamo.

Tourist guides for San Antonio always talk about the Riverwalk as an attraction.  I researched it a bit online and found it was home to many bars and restaurants and was preparing myself for nothing much exciting.  After all the hype of The Tunnels in Houston I didn’t want to be disappointed again.  I’m glad to say I have been corrected!  Yes, the Riverwalk is an accumulation of bars and restaurants, but along a beautiful setting.  It felt more like a canal than a river in places as the water moved so slowly and it has definitely been engineered on both banks, however it makes for a lovely walk around the centre of the city.

There is an open air theatre, the audience sits behind La Villita and the stage is the other side of the river.

Riverwalk theatre

I wanted to spend enough time in the centre to catch the Christmas lights.  During the day I’d seen the trails of bulbs hanging from the trees and thought they would be pretty at night.  They were very pretty and understated, not what your prejudice may tell you about the US and Texas.  Unfortunately they not that bright so many of the pictures I took did not come out.  Here are a couple to give you an idea of Christmas lights in San Antonio.

And as it is Christmas Day, here’s the San Antonio city Christmas tree earlier in the day.

Christmas tree

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