Starved Rock State Park

geese over river

The Starved Rock State Park is along the Illinois River and was named for a rather gruesome chapter of Native American history from the 1760s.  The final outcome of a feud between the Illini tribe and the Ottawa tribe resulted in the Illini taking refuge on a large sandstone buttress.  However the Ottawa tribe surrounded the rock and once the provisions the 1,200 Illini had taken with them were exhausted, they died of starvation – hence the name Starved Rock.

The park’s entrance and visitor centre is just alongside the river.

Illinois river

The area is very wooded and mildly hilly with a range of wild life nurtured inside the park.  A deer was standing in the road as we were approaching the car park, not at all afraid of the car.  It calmly looked at us and sauntered back into the woods.  There are hiking trails which start at the visitors’ centre as well as camp grounds a little further off and there were a number of fishermen angling in the river near the car park.  We were not really wearing the right kinds of shoes in which to go hiking, so after watching a gaggle of geese flying formations over our heads we left again.


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