North or South of the River?

I’m sure this battle rages in many great cities.  In most of these the difference between North of the River and South of the River can’t be that enormous.  During my time in London I was always a North of the River person, taking it so far that when I spend a couple of years in Frankfurt, I insisted on living on the north side of the Main.

The benefits of living on the north side of the Thames are obvious.  The weather is worse South of the River (it rains as soon as I cross a bridge), the South Circular Road snakes round houses whereas the NCR is a 50 mph dual carriageway, the West End, the City and now even Canary Wharf is North of the River.  South of the River people – there’s a reason!

Yesterday’s experience while I walked under the Thames through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel must be the exception that proves the rule…


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  1. Its got to be North of the river – that way the sun shines on you! South is always a foreign country! (with a different economy too!)

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