Ship, store or salvage

Anyone who has interrupted their travels to settle down for a bit will have gone through what I’m going through right now: open up every cupboard, find what it in it all the way to the back and decide – can I live without this forever (salvage yard), can I live without this for a bit (store) or do I take this with me on my travels (ship)?

This unpacking of what I’ve stored up over the last 6 years has brought a whole load of great memories of great places to the front of my mind, a menu from the walk along with Wild Coast in South Africa in 2007 reminds me that I need to write that up and my journal from my trip to India in 1995 needs to be electronified while I’ve still got everything set up in my house.

The good thing is that finding all these bits gives me an excuse to procrastinate over the decision making of what to do with the smurf collection and a pocket Oxford English Dictionary, although next week it will all start moving as I move out of my house and the next big journey begins!


About skytash

accountant - customer service professional - polymath


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