Knights in shining armour

The final section of the museum in Strakonice is dedicated to the Knights Templar, who were also based in the castle. Their chapel is within the castle and a hospital built by the Great Priory of Bohemia remains a tourist attraction in the city.

The section of the castle they once occupied was home to many wall decorations, identified and restored in the recent restoration works.

Tools of the trade, as it were, used by the medics of the order are also on display, on loan from the medical museum in Prague. The item with the number 2 in this picture is a bullet remover, item 1 is used to cauterise wounds, presumably holding a hot liquid that is poured over them. I don’t want to think about what was done with the long-handled hooks on display next to it!

There is also a reconstruction of a typical train carriage used to transport the wounded to Strakonice for treatment.

A shining knight is of course also on display and makes a great photo opportunity!


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