German and Czech views

Long-time readers will be familiar with my #viewfromatrain theme. Much of my pleasure in train travel derives from the views. The ones of the nature reserve from the Coast Starlight along the Pacific Coast for example can only be seen from the train.

I am indebted to the ‘Sport’ setting of my trusty Canon EOS1100. Designed to capture fast-moving objects, it is also good at capturing static objects when the camera is moving fast. Unfortunately, even in that setting, it was difficult to capture some of the lovely woodland my trains passed through, just one of the many pictures I took was good enough, although it has much mirroring of train windows and still some blurring. I suppose it is testament to the speed of the trains and the lack of unexpected stops that I can’t share the shaded woodlands with you.

The sweeping fields of crops, however, all came out really well in the photos. So well that many of the pictures, whether taken in Germany or the Czech Republic, on the way to my destination or on the way home, look surprisingly similar!

There were some unusual highlights though. This standalone chimney next to Blovice station – I’d love to know its story.

The unsurprising transporter trains full of cars at the station in Ingolstadt (home of Audi),

the surprising Mercedes Tower in Munich (home of BMW),

and the Danube by Regensburg.


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