Marvellous Melbourne

I did of course explore Melbourne itself as well. I had seen these cuddling buildings on my way into town from the train and would say it was a fair introduction into its architectural diversity.

I was taken on a walking tour around the centre of town which culminated in a fantastic view from the conference floor of the Sofitel – unfortunately the pictures didn’t come out well, my recommendation is that if what I took from street level whets your appetite, wait ’till you see it all from above! The diversity of architecture from Flinders Street Station and the theatre opposite,

to the new Federation Square

show the great variety of styles and ages of buildings throughout the city. This is also reflected in their trams, although I didn’t take any pictures of the new looking ones.

If you don’t manage to get a seat on a tram but still fancy a sit-down, I highly recommend the Royal Arcade where you can watch Gog & Magog moving on the hour.

One of the older residential areas is stunning, I dare not think how much these houses cost.

And on Brighton Beach there are traditional beach huts which apparently cost a fortune to own. And even on cool days are inundated with tourists (like me) taking pictures. Not sure I’d really want to own one.

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