To Katherine

The first segment of our journey was a mere 4 hours to Katherine.

As we were leaving Darwin, someone was recording our departure for posterity on their video camera before we crossed the East Arm with the industry of Darwin on the horizon and what could be a leisure pier in the foreground

The Northern Territory is famously populated by ‘magnetic’ termite mounds.  They are referred to as magnetic as they always seem to be in a line north/south, however this is believed to be less to do with magnetism than with optimising sun exposure on the flat east/west sides.

As usual, I took lots of pictures of the varying landscapes we passed and I’m very pleased with the one that I caught of the tree in flower.

As previously mentioned, the track that we were travelling was only laid this century and in a couple of places, including this bridge over the Adelaide River.

Getting closer to Katherine we crossed the Ferguson river

to then stop at Katherine and get ready for our first Expedition, for this was an Expedition Ghan!

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