More walking around Sofia

After leaving the shopping centre, we walked a little further south to a spot from which you can see a synagogue, a mosque, and the Eastern Orthodox church we had just heard about.

There is a catholic church nearby too, and despite some of the global religious politics, here in Sofia the adherents to these different religions all get along and don’t throw stones at each other, as much they could probably hit each other’s places of worship if they wanted to.

There are also many non-religious buildings in the area with fascinating brickwork.  This is the institute of Archaeology.


The buildings which used to house the public baths have been closed for some time now and despite a large public petition for them to be re-opened as public baths, they are currently expected to be the home of a City Museum.  The spring water which has been feeding the public baths can still be collected from the fountain on the outside of the building.

Another fascinating building is this government building, which has an old church in its courtyard, the Rotunda of St George.  The church has very old frescoes inside (we didn’t go in) and in its time had been converted into a mosque before returning to be a church.

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