Traditional Naramchi House

From there and the Wakamiya Jinja Shrine we again took a less frequented route back to the loop bus and caught the next loop bus as far as Naramachi. There we took the first road into the area and after a couple of blocks came to a latticed house which was open to the public. As it is a re-construction we were able to walk all over the house and take photographs. The lady showing the house showed us how the front door worked. It was a large heavy door with hinges along the top and it swung inwards and was held up by a wooden bolt just below the ceiling.

For night or bad weather there was a little postern door in it. When shut it was bolted with heavy wooden bolts.

Another interesting feature were the bamboo screens inside the lattice to the street. When the screens are closed it is not possible to see in but it is possible to see out because it is lighter and one is close to the screen – so one could watch the happenings outside without being seen. In the winter these bamboo screens would then be covered with paper to provide more warmth.


In one corner I saw some origami figures – the first I have seen and I took a photo. As we left the lady gave me one, a choice of a water lily or a spinning top – I chose the latter as I think it will stand up to the journey better – kept safe for the rest of the trip in my glasses case!


This post is an extract of my mother’s travel journal written during a tour of Japan in 2014.


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