Omni-cho Market

We slept quite late and enjoyed being able to take our time over breakfast. Then in the station we bought tickets to Kyoto as well from Osaka to Yokohama reserving A and B seats so as to be on the right side of the train to see Mt. Fuji if the weather allows!

We bought bus tickets for the day in Kanazawa and got the left loop bus as far as Omni-cho market. There we saw the usual things lots of fish, crabs, oysters and so on, also vegetables including some things we had not seen before.  There seemed to be one clothing shop but otherwise it was only food. We also saw a group of kindergarden children being taken round.

From there we got on the bus again and went as far as the Nisshi Chaya District. There we took a small roadway or path into what we expected to be the Chaya area but we were wrong. Instead we found a very big tree next to a temple. Then we did find the right area and went into a small museum which was showing what the typical teahouses were like inside.


There was also a small exhibition about an author who lived from 1898 to 1924. It seems he wrote one novel in which he visualised Japan becoming more westernised. He was given a lot of credit for that but could not really cope with all the publicity and spent the last 6 years of his life in a psychiatric hospital. We got the impression that his novel is still well read in Japan – perhaps a classic today.

This post is an extract of my mother’s travel journal written during a tour of Japan in 2014.

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