Fast and local trains

Up early and off to the station where we found where our train would leave before having some breakfast at Starbucks. Then up onto the platform where it was possible to take photos of the Shinkansen trains.

On the platforms there are marks to show where the doors of the carriages will be, everyone lines up in a tidy queue at these places and getting into the train is very orderly.  It was easy to find seats on the train and we had two seats for the luggage and two for us.

Then came a big surprise we saw Mount Fuji!! Not right to the top but quite enough to see the shape and plenty of snow. So we did manage to see it after all, but it was such a surprise that we had no camera ready!

At Nagoya we changed onto a local rain to Takayma.  From here were started going up into the mountains and the rain stopped – we had some spectacular views travelling most of the time beside a river though there were also many tunnels. We crossed the river lots of times. Also we saw many paddy fields and some rows of tea. It was also interesting to see that every few kilometers the river was dammed and hydro electric power was being generated causing the river to form lakes and then become quite small again.

This post is an extract of my mother’s travel journal written during a tour of Japan in 2014.

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