On the reservation

Having admired the Grand Canyon from the southern edge I then proceeded to hike down into the Canyon slightly further west from Grand Canyon Village in the Havasu Indian Reservation near the village of Supai.

from www.havasuwaterfalls.net

I did an organised hike with Wildland Trekking who provided a guide and equipment for the 4 day adventure.  It started with a drive from Flagstaff to the Hualapai Hilltop where we unpacked our luggage and left it at the side of the road.  A mule owner had been hired to carry the heavy things into the canyon and we had to hope he would bring up his mules and carry down our stuff.  If not, we’d have no tents, sleeping bags or food!  Our guide Peter took this picture of our intrepid group before we set out:

Me, Mairéad, Bill and Mandy
Me, Mairéad, Bill and Mandy

The first 1.5 miles is a very steep switch-back path at the head of the Hualapai Canyon

02-IMG_6039 after which there was a ‘casual’ 6.5 mile walk along the Haulapai Wash to Supai village.


The picture below and the map above are from havasuwaterfalls.net and useful resource if you are thinking of travelling into the canyon on the Havasu Reservation.

from www.havasuwaterfals.net
from http://www.havasuwaterfals.net

The area has been inhabited for many centuries, I am currently reading a book written about the history of the Havasu and their struggle with the US government for access to the land.  Evidence of human use of the caves for shelter is this old carving of sheep.  Nobody is quite sure whether this means there were good sheep here or whether it is just ancient graffiti.


While we were sitting on a water polished sandstone ledge for lunch, we saw our luggage pass us on mule back.  Food and shelter for the night was assured!

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