Houses of Amsterdam

I know I am not the first and will not be the last person visiting Amsterdam to take pictures of the lovely houses along the canals.  In keeping with my objective for this blog to show you things others may miss, I have selected these pictures carefully from the large number I took.

These are of the Bazel building, just around the corner from the Huise Hamerstein.

This Catholic Church struck me as quite interesting, specially with the Stars of David in the brickwork.  I haven’t done any research, but wonder whether it may have been built as a synagogue originally.  If you know, please write a comment.

From a distance, I thought these spires would be a church.



To find this is now a shopping centre!

Amsterdam houses are full of little surprises, like this man, perched on the corner of a shop.

And reflections of one building in the windows of the one opposite.

Just to break it up, a couple of bronze statues from along the canals.

And more houses…

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