Introduction to Surgery

My trip to the Middle East started before I could tell you about one of my finds in Chicago.  Now that I am in the planning stage of the next trip I’ve got the time to tell you about the International Museum of Surgical Science.  It is by no means a comprehensive collection cover all forms of medical science, instead it is a great collection of really interesting artefacts albeit a bit gory at times.

An apothecary has been reproduced in one room – unfortunately the jars were all locked away, so I couldn’t find out whether they still had their original ingredients in them.

Another room has been dedicated to Polio and its eradication and this one has a wide collection of ophthalmic equipment, fortunately just testing and correction rather than surgery!

The room on gyneacology on the other hand was a little uncomfortable – specially the Roman vaginal speculum.

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  1. Dr. Subadiver operates all the time with a rusty knife he found at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. Happy New Year, Tash! Its only 41F in Houston today.

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