Up in the hills of Arabia

The Hajjar mountain range with its numerous fresh water springs passes through the emirate of Sharjah, inland from Dubai.  There is also comparatively more rain at the foot of the hills than in other parts of the country making Sharjah the agricultural centre of the the UAE.

Part way through the mountains is a market called Friday Market, although it is open every day.  There were lots of stall selling all sorts of Arabic looking things.  I say looking as one of the carpets I looked at had a label saying ‘Made in Belgium’ on it.  The more locally made things tended to be the pottery for which I have little use and the risk of damage on the way home was just too great to risk buying anything.

We also stopped at this viewpoint overlooking a wadi, a dry riverbed.  When it rains, the river floods and reaches to about two metres below the road.

As is so often the case with landscapes, the majesty of the mountains can’t really be captured on camera (with my skills).


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  1. Hmm… interesting 🙂
    Sharjah is one of the easiest to get to for us as Air Arabia hub there. One day perhaps.

  2. It looks exactly how I pictured Arabia-dry!

  3. I am sure it has its own charm though! 🙂

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