International representation at Pima Air & Space Museum

There are lots of non-US planes in storage and on display in the conducive weather conditions and space at the Pima Air & Space Museum.

I was attracted to this helicopter by the writing on it in German and Cyrillic script.  I could only think of one place it could have hailed from, a state I grew up next to which ceased to exist in 1989.  And as I walked around it, as expected, I saw the insignia of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik – East Germany.

East German heli

There is also a collection of Russian MiG fighters.  I don’t know what the collective noun for MiGs is, so I’m calling it a melee of MiGs although I doubt their pilots could consider the fights they got into as being confused!

cropped melee of migs

On a more peaceful perspective, this has retired from the neutral Swiss airforce.

from the swiss airforce

Despite what non-German speakers may think, this plane used to be in the German Navy rather than part of their Marine Corps, the word ‘Marine’ being the German word for Navy.

German Navy



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