Outside collection

At the Pima Air and Space Museum there is a very large outdoor display of a wide variety of planes.  Here are some that caught my eye.

PASM Blue Angel Like every self-respecting aircraft museum in the US, there is a retired Blue Angel here, as there was at the USS Lexington.

Less commonly seen is this Maverick, a training airplane used in France.

PASM French trainer

The B36 is a fascinating plane for two reasons.  The first is the way the propellers are mounted; behind the wing rather than in front.  The other interesting fact is that it was designed to carry goods into Berlin at the end of the second World War when the Soviet’s would not allow access to the Allied occupied parts of the city.

The Constellation is one of the classic planes of early air tourism.  There are a number of then at PASM, this was the shiniest one!


I can’t remember what kind of ‘plane this is, however you can see that on its trip to Arizona it blew one of its engines quite spectacularly.  It will not be flying again!

PASM how not to blow an engine

This vehicle caught my eye from a distance and when I saw its name ‘Skycrane’ it made sense.  I presume it is used to lift and move things around!

PASM Sikorsky Skycrane

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