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As alluded to in the posts about the aeroplane boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB, I also visited the Pima Air and Space Museum.  You have to visit the museum to go to the boneyard as the coach tours start there.  Spaces on the coach tours are first come first served, so I got to the museum when it opened to ensure I would get a trip to see the mothballed ‘planes.

The museum has a number of hangars as well as a large outdoor display.  You can wander around the hangars and the outdoor display at your leisure and read the labels, as well as take part in a tram tour of the outdoor display where a volunteer talks about ‘planes of interest.  I suspect they each stop at slightly different ones depending on their own interests, there are others, with cool stories which I’m sure they will all stop at.

I will make blog posts of some of the ones with stories and tell the stories, here are a few others I found interesting in the first hangar.

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